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06 March 2008


John B.

I'm envious. Our Final Friday last week was a bit dull, unfortunately, but Mr. Nicholson's work is really intriguing; and like Ms. Nance, I like the idea of utilitarian art.

Here's hoping the weather cooperates.

jodi DeLong

What fun this is! And isn't it a clever idea to use a travel trailer as a studio! I could see doing that, having a secluded spot to make a containable mess. Hmmmmm. Hmmmm. (the wheels are turning.)


John B, fortunately the rain stopped in time for artwalk - I didn't stay long, but enjoyed the two shows that I went to see.

Jodi - you need to find yourself an old Airstream, and make it your studio. It would be perfect (and as someone getting ready to move into an Airstream while her home is being built - I'd like to think of it as being perfect!).

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