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16 March 2008



Such concentration! WD is part of the pack! Glad to hear you Mom weathered her latest storm. Fear does clutch at the heart doesn't it!


Those two viburnums are already on my list this year--winterthur is th epollinator, right? I really don't want to mess that up. And like you, I'm putting them along a fence near where the birds already hang out. I'm jealous you get to tend your garden this time of year.


That is a look of serious concentration - the hunting dog in full alert mode.

I'm glad to hear that your mum's is okay and that your niece was there to help out your dad.

And well, I wish I could be out in the garden, but am enjoying reading about what you've planted. I'm looking forward to seeing the Baptisia!


Layanee, WD is definitely a much loved member of the pack. She is definitely at home now. And what a sweetie. I'm smitten.

Benjamin, if I remember correctly, Winterthur is the good pollinator, if planted relatively close to the a number of the other viburnums. Like you - mine are just going to go along a fence row, all mingled together - I'll stick winterthur in the middle of them. I got Dirr's viburnum book, and, well, of course there are now a few others that I want. These two are just small ones - hopefully they will do well.

Kate, I can't wait to see the Baptisia either. I planted it (finally) last weekend - I'd love to see some blooms this year, but I'm not sure that I will.


Great portrait of the Wild Dog. She's beautiful.

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