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21 March 2008



Yet another lovely post from you, Pam. I hope that your weekend with your family will be a peaceful one, and that you'll get some rest. You must be wearing down with all the travelling and demands on your life, but your writing is always uplifting. The daffodils warmed my soul on this cold NS night.

The County Clerk

beautiful immortality

The County Clerk

I've been thinking about this photograph: a daugher in her mother's garden.

The garden IS beautiful. This is imperically so. But your point of view is even more so.

When and if and whenever and maybe not... you should ask your mama for list and send a few of these bulbs. If she won't do a list (or if you can't bring yourself to ask), make your own. Provide potting soil for those who are challenged by such things. Your mama's flowers should bloom everywhere.

Of course, they already do. Puerto Rico. Vermont. Australia. Illinois.

Christopher C NC

As I watch my mother's 10,000 daffodils come into bloom for the first time, the thought has occurred to me of what will I be willing to do, how will I react, when the time comes that there may be a possibility of losing them. Sure I will have some planted next door in my own garden, but how could I let 10,000 daffodils leave the family?

That time will come. It is best to deal with it then and not worry about it now. Your sharing of this time in your family's life will be a stored resource I will be able to draw upon.


Jodi, I'm glad that you enjoyed them. And yes, I'm getting a bit tired - it's more the transitions that are tough, the time between being 'here' and being 'there' that are a bit difficult. But we're all hanging in - and I'm quite glad that it is spring!

CC, indeed...I took a few notes today on 'who' is 'where' - and after they bloom and the foliage starts to die back, I'll snag some.

Christopher, I think I am merely preparing myself for my Mother's garden without her being physically in it - I can't imagine losing it altogether. I'm definitely not preparing for that yet, and am not ready to. Gratefully, my Father has expressed wishes to live here for as long as he can - and we definitely hope that it will be quite a long time yet.

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