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26 March 2008


John B.

Now, living in a 27.5 foot aluminum trailer is sounding nicer and nicer as time goes by - it sounds, well, - simple - and today in lab meeting I caught myself saying that I'll probably be spending alot of time in a chair, under the Airstream's awning, drinking any beer that is on sale and sold in cases. I can see it.

You and Thoreau: two peas in a pod (though he didn't write in Walden about drinking beer). Anyway, you appear to be keeping good philosophical company.

And that Mingus selection is great!

The County Clerk

Now THERE is a literary "What If"

Dr. Pam
Walden Pond

But somehow I just don't think it would turn out. As John B knows (because of his beginnings) there is one OTHER element of PamDaniStan that simply never could have played a role around Walden Pond: Geographical Relavance.

PamDaniStan is in THE SOUTH.

Something about beer under a southern star... I don't know.

I have to get myself south, to warmer gardens fertilized with beer and saltly persperation... where my kind of people grow.

Moanin huh?


John - Thoreau indeed, minus the high-speed internet access cable...and the literary talent! (Maybe the beer has something to do with the latter?)

County Clerk, PamDaniStan has a salty creek on two sides of her - and I'm guessing that I'll be swatting at no-see-ums while I'm drinking beer (or a glass of wine out of that Thomas Jefferson glass...), sitting under the awning. Feel free to stop by.

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