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23 March 2008


John B.

Bulbs--the eternal return.

Beautiful pictures and beautiful writing, Pam. Yet again, thank you for sharing all this.


What a lovely profusion of daffodils! That is one thing I love about them so much- that you can plant one and in a few years it will be many. It's somehow very inspiring to me.


Pam: The daffodils are like sunshine in the garden! How nice your Mom remembered that long ago plant sale! Whatever the varieties, all are cheery! I can't wait to see them here blooming but will enjoy yours as you intended.


John, it's hard to bit daffodil, bulb-for-bulb. They ask for little.

Taylor, I'm glad that you've been enjoying them - and hopefully some warmer weather is on the way.

Layanee, hopefully you will have some blooming soon?

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