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20 March 2008



I think Gregory Orr just became my favorite writer....

In early spring the dogwood and redbud bloom in Virginia's Appalachian woods. I hope you see it this weekend.


Thinking about you and your family this weekend. All the best to you. Enjoy each other.


The Dinner made me laugh out loud... so much so that the dog looked up from the spot where she had sat, patiently waiting for my supper leftovers, and then put her head down to snooze. (Feeding a dog whole wheat spaghetti noodles one at a time is one of the pleasures of wintertime.)

Have a good trip.


3D, it's still too early here. My parents have native dogwood throughout their woods - and those, nor the one's they've planted - are close to blooming. It's just daffodil season here now.

Thanks Joan. We were lucky that Mom was feeling quite a bit better - and it was a much needed uneventful weekend!

Kim, I liked that one too.

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