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23 February 2008



Look at that sweet face! And the pink belly, and the adorably goofy pose...

I would need obedience training, too.


She certainly seems to be saying 'Come play with me'! Very photogenic!


Luckily I suspect you will both resist training :)


Kim, she is just irresistible. Absolutely. She jumps over the couch, and I mean OVER the couch, and I just stand there and laugh, then say 'No!'. It's horrible, I am simply not a good disciplinarian when it comes to irresistible dogs with pink bellies.

Thanks Layanee, and yes - 'come play with me' is pretty much what she's saying all of the time! She's tireless.

Joan, that is my concern! I know that I've never been that well-trained, so I can only guess what my attraction is to little wild dogs....

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