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18 February 2008


Christopher C NC

Have a safe and productive journey. Enjoy.

The top iguana picture is totally cool!

John B.

Safe travels. Be sure to listen to some merengue while you're there. And, you know, cut a rug while you're at it.


The photograph of the Iguana waiting expectantly at the door is cool. I hope the trip goes well - it sounds as if you'll be home before you know it!


I admit, while I think that researchers are generally good people... the idea of the iguanas taking over the island made me smile.

Have a good, productive trip!


Jumping, chip loving iguanas! Can you get a picture of that? Have fun while working and enjoy that beautiful blue!


Beautiful, even the iguana, in an intimidating sort of way. Enjoy the trip!


Thanks everyone - it was a good (albeit quick) trip.

(John B., there was, I must unfortunately confess, not merengue to enjoy during this visit. But hopefully next time!)

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