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17 February 2008


Carol, May Dreams Gardens

From the looks of all those flowers, it does indeed appear to be spring in your garden, no denying it, right down to that dandelion.

And I agree about vegetable gardens. If you can get your vegetable garden planted, then things will be okay.

Happy Birthday to your mom, almost 100 cards is quite a lot of love and care from family and friends.

Have a good week and thanks for joining in for garden bloggers' bloom day again!


Wonderful, wonderful photos (including of the two canine members of the family.) What can I say about your mother's cancers? Every day is a gift, but that doesn't ease the eventualities or the distress. Having gone through this two years ago with my former mother in law and not long before that with my father (he had Alzheimers, though, not cancer), I do know something of what you're going through...and continue to offer my support across the miles and the ether.
There's something very comforting about putting our hands in soil when we're distressed. It grounds us in more ways than one. I'll hope for good days for all of you ahead.


I know how you feel being in zone 8b also. It's so very much spring. I don't have nearly as much blooming as you do. Wonderful pictures. I hope your seedlings grow big and strong.


Your blooms are delightful. Usually a sight like that would make my heart sing, but I only feel sadness right now. I'm really very sorry about your mom.

My m-i-l has Alzheimer's and my mom is in poor health, I try to prepare myself knowing that neither one will have long to live, but there really is no way to prepare for something like that, as you already know.

The County Clerk


That Sea Foam Camellia... all other thoughts fade.


I'll keep your mother and you in my thoughts. I'm sorry to hear that she is in pain. That's something my sister was spared from.

Kate R

Those pure white camelias are my favorite. I am not ready for spring. I am still lamenting the fact that we have had only 2 inches of snow this year. I want A SNOW DAY before I go to spring...the Philly Flower Show is just around the corner though, and that will certainly jump start my enthusiasm...


Pam: You have so much planted in the vegetable garden! Wow! I am so impressed! It seems that your brother was an early birthday present for your Mom! Happy birthday to her. Love all your blooms! There is no denying spring in your garden. The white camellia at the beginning of the post is purity personified!


Happy Birthday to your mother... and I wholeheartedly agree with you about the optimism of a vegetable garden. Probably something inherent in our genetics, knowing that some needs (food) will be taken care of.

The blooms are wonderful... and this will sound funny, but I can't tell you how much it thrilled me to see the bugs on some of these flowers. Garden life! :)

By the way, is that a 'Geranium' daffodil just below The Dan?


Carol: It is my pleasure. I like the tradition of this day - regardless of what I have to do, in the back of my head is 'I've gotta photograph the garden!' and that's a good thing!

Thanks Jodi. It is a challenging time, and a new experience for our family - which has been so fortunate. The distance is the most difficult part - and it sounds like you have some experience with that.

Thank you Priscilla - and here it has been spring, and this week we are supposed to get down to the upper 20s! Yikes, not good - but this always happen and the garden blinks for a minute, and then spring resumes. I can't complain.

Robin, it sounds like you are having a tough time of it too. It's hard, isn't it? I'm trying to keep some 'normal' aspects of my life going, but it's getting more and more difficult. I hope all goes well for you and your family.

County Clerk - it's a seductive one, isn't it?

Mike, it was a tough ten days of trying to get her pain managed. Things settled down this weekend, thankfully - she's on a new patch and the patch seems to be keeping her more level with respect to pain. It's hard from a distance - and I'm glad that your sister was spared this part of it. It is now in my mother's bones, and from everything I have read, bone cancer is quite painful. I hate seeing my mother in pain, much less not being able to be there to help.

Kate R: Geez, you guys have had almost no snow this year! That's craziness. Snow is good.

Layanee: You always have such a gorgeous vegetable garden - mine is small compared to yours (plus, spring is our main season - by the time summer hits, it is too hard to keep many things going - I fear that I'm a bit late planting a few things for my zone, and if you miss that window, it is hit-or-miss whether things do well).

Kim, I liked seeing the insects too - the one tiny spider stayed on that one daffodil until it faded (or at least I think it was the same tiny spider). As for the other daffodil - I don't think it was a 'Geranium' - it was one that my mother gave me from her garden a few years ago, and that was not one of the varieties I remember her mentioning.

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