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05 January 2008



You sound rather restless tonight...

So after reading Neruda, you still want to take a hot shower? (Not a cold one?)

I've been pulling 80-hour weeks at work, so naturally when I came home last night so tired that my bones ached and my eyes were glazed open, I turned to the PDN catalog as well. Bergenia Solar Flare, which is already sold out at WFF, is tops on my list:

But I also want that variegated ginger, 'Thai Rainbow' canna, all of the crinums (but particularly that newer, darker cerise one,) Baptisia leucophaea, 'Hab Grey' sedum, all of the agaves...


Oh, you poor thing! Some days home ownership is for the birds. I hope your repair job held and you got your hot shower.


Kim: 'Solar Flare' looks gorgeous - do get it and post pictures! I've admired your bergenia for awhile now, but it only goes up to zone 7, so that's about all I'll be able to do - admire it from a distance.

Yeah, restless. But right now I'd take ANY kind of shower, hot or cold!

Joan: Yeah, sometimes it just sucks. But it's doubly worse to be repairing something that you are getting ready to demolish. I tell you, right now it can't come soon enough - everything seems to be falling apart all around me!

John B.

Reading about your plumbing problems, my mind drifts back in time to those halcyon days of my youth when the pipes would occasionally freeze and burst under the house (which sat on piers and so the pipes were exposed to the cold) and Daddy would draft me--never my brother, for reasons that remain a mystery to me--to crawl under there to help him replace the broken pipe. I didn't know Neruda in those days, but I was old enough to be interested in girls in less-than-chaste ways, and I don't recall thinking about sex AT ALL while we replaced pipe. My loss, I realize now.

I wonder how posting Neruda's poem in the plumbing section of a hardware store would affect the kind and quantity of sales.

Plant therapy . . . mine is books, music, film. I wonder if your method is ultimately more gratifying. Something to ponder.


Yes, your loss (but you were young, there is much forgiveness for the young!. I suppose it is better than thinking about how BADLY you need a shower. I spoke with another guy today, in the plumbing section of the hardware store - and I must admit, I forgot to mention Neruda to him. He offered me good plumbing advice, so it was the least I could have done.


You want Calanthe tricarinata. You REALLY want it. Until the extremely cold winter of 2006-2007, I grew it successfully in a POT (left outside all winter against a South-facing wall) for several years. It never failed to be absolutely gorgeous. I've ordered a replacement. Any other Calanthes would be lovely, as well.


Lisa, thanks for the suggestion - I did order the C. kawakamiense - and will definitely check into the tricarinata as well (because I'm sure that you are correct, and that I REALLY want it...).

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