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02 January 2008



I was actually feeling sorry for you until I read this sentence: "Today I wore socks."

I despise wearing socks, and I despise wearing shoes. And the fact that you had to point out that today, you wore socks, leads me to believe that you might not have worn socks yesterday. Or the day before. Or last week.

I have had to wear socks at least since the end of October.

Seriously, though, I hope your trees come through okay. Maybe I should bring some martini fixin's over and we should have a bonfire to warm the area? (Were I close enough, I just might! lol.)


I wore two pair of socks today and I'll wear two pair tomorrow. It's cold up here. Single digits this morning. Right now, 13 feels like -4. Too cold!

I hope your lemons are okay!

Annie in Austin

Your part of South Carolina sounds colder than Austin, but my Meyer's Lemon is draped in fabric and my feet have socks, too. I hope my lemon makes it. We planted it up against a SW facing housewall and we've stayed above 26°F so far.

You wrote such wonderful posts while I was gone, Pam - I've enjoyed catching up and liked Richard Garcia's poem and space helmet imagery very much. I'm feeling rather 'Come back when you're ready' myself these days and wish I'd remembered to put on my space helmet.

Dani the wild dog is a beauty and I hope the goals for your laboratory team are at least approached, if not totally conquered.

Once you make the move from the cottage in the woods to the Airstream it may remind you of a space ship as the human and non-human astronauts settle in so establishing a fresh-air cantina and firepit next to the space ship could be a logical move. You never know when Han Solo might show up.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Scott R

Ta! Have the local news folks done any of those specials on creating a survival kit for the car: space blanket, candles, kitty litter, pemmican, walrus spear, etc. ?

I miss those. sniff.

Christopher C NC

In a garden gone bad this freezing cold I have decided is a blessing. It has been five years I hear since the last hard freeze and some weeds have run amuck. It was 26 degrees this morning in North Florida. I wish it would get that low again. Perhaps it will before the winter is done. I can only chop so much before I return to more cold which seems appropriate in a naked forest. Here in the green the cold seems out of place and I neglected to bring any long underwear.

I was promised by some that I would be rocketed into the fourth dimension. Some days I think I have been and I don't want to come back. It's a vision thing.


So this morning I awoke to tales of citrus farmers spraying/icing down their fruit trees to protect them from this freeze. Did you have to resort to such tactics?


Kim: Yep, no socks before this week (sorry). Now, as for the martini's and a bonfire - count me in. When I used to live along the gulf coast of Florida, a friend had a neighbor with an incredible satsuma and on those unusually cold nights, we would gather for what was, more or less, a satsuma-warming party. Maybe, if my satsuma gets large enough - it would warrant such a gathering! I'll put you down on the 'invite' list (not that a satsuma-warming party is something that requires any kind of list!

Oh - yes, you heard right about the citrus. I didn't 'wet' my plants, but I did wet the blankets on them, and the top layer or so of leaves. If they freeze (which they did, the blankets were stiff) - then that should help provide some additional insulation. I haven't the heart to wet the leaves - or to see the ice covering them!

Carol: Thanks, and I hope they are okay too. I'm a bit worried. Long periods of time in the low to mid-20s simply isn't good.

Thank you Annie - and unfortunately, my two lemon trees are sitting in the middle of the back yard, without a bit of protection (other than what I built for them). Hopefully they'll be okay. And yes - we all need one of those helmets - just in case, don't you think?

Scott: Pemmican! How hilarious. I'm sure that when you lived down here, you had cases of the stuff in your car (along with one of those space blankets). Didn't I see you one night, just down the road, with walrus spear in hand? I'm pretty sure that I did (except that I was probably driving too fast, so I couldn't distinguish whether it was a walrus spear or a golf club).

Christopher: The 4th dimension? Now that would definitely require a helmet with a snazzy rim around it. As for the cold - yeah, it always helps us out too. When I have my act together (which I don't right now) - I try to remove the layer of straw and leaves from my vegetable beds, because the freeze helps to kill...stuff. Unwanted stuff (and most likely some desirable stuff as well). But the cold is strange here - walking around, hearing that crunch of the soil (that comes when the surface soil gets frosted) and seeing the curled and frozen leaves of some plants - well, like I said, it's just strange.


I don't know if I could've wet the leaves, either, Pam. I kept shuddering inside, seeing those pictures on the news sites of perfect little orange citrus fruits (and the leaves above them) encased in ice!

A satsuma-warming party works for me. *grin*


Kim, my citrus came through everything really well. I was pleased - and felt optimistic that this new 'piling up leaves' approach was a good one (just putting blankets on them always mashes the branches - now with this, the leaves help to support the branches in their natural location and the metal posts also help to support the blanket - so they just look better even if they do make it). I think a satsuma-warming party is about as good an idea for a party as anything - but then hot water will look like a party to me right now!

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