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29 January 2008


John B.


It's probably unethical, but if you have any academic power to wield over the eclair-making post-doc, you might consider giving him an oh--by-the-way sort of reminder that his academic performance and that of his eclair-making are so closely related as to be symbiotic in nature.

Eh. Unethical, unschemethical.


I got distracted by the thought of ├ęclairs - now that would be a treat. John B. had a good idea above.

When I first saw this photograph, I was reminded of yesterday seeing the blotches of snow randomly stuck to the windows ... the patterns were similar. I like this picture better though because there is colour. It does look rather vast with all those dark spaces. Quite amazing to think about what inhabits the dark spaces.


I have a primitive microscope here at home that I use to look at stuff sometimes. Fascinating! Too bad microscopes aren't as commonplace in homes as, say, TVs or even computers.


John B: Yes, ethics smethics, when it comes to homemade eclairs, it is perfectly understandable to toss all of that - fluff - out the window. I will try new tactics today, and thank you for the words of...eclair wisdom.

Kate: Homemade eclairs distract EVERYONE. It is perfectly understandable, and forgiveable...as for the 'dark spaces' - I'm with you, their infinitely curious places.

Pat: How fun! Do you know what magnification it is? You can probably see quite a bit of stuff. Cool.


I really enjoy your blog. It takes me out of my usual comfort zone and takes me to places I've never been, or places I haven't explored since my days as a science/ag student at Agricultural College. Great humour too. I hope the eclairs materialize soon!


It is a beautiful universe and one I have not seen before so, thanks!


Thank you Jodi. And I'm with you - about those eclairs.

Layanee, we haven't seen it either, until those images. So you were only a few hours behind on this one.

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