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15 January 2008



Most assuredly there are blooms all around, we only need to open our eyes sometimes to really see them.

The camellias look so pretty, and are are so unfamiliar to me up in here in zone 5. All except C. sinensis which I drink all day long!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens


Oh how I wish we could grow camellias here! I'm just drawn to them and while I could attempt to grow them as a houseplants during the winter, somehow I think that wouldn't go well. Yours are absolutely gorgeous!

Annie in Austin

A bud gives an idea of what the flower will be like, but there are always surprises, Pam - I hope your surprises are good ones as the dog-buds, house-buds, garden-buds and labfolk-buds reveal their true shapes and colors in the coming months.

I also hope you blog about the design and plants when you make that Camellia walk!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

mss @ Zanthan Gardens

So many people I've visited on the GBBD have camellias growing. I'm developing a case of plant lust. How lovely that the one you planted in honor of the wonder beagle bloomed today. It's gorgeous.


How nice that your camellia bloomed for 'Bloom Day' in honor of your sweet pup! No camellias here but someday, a greenhouse with several! In the picture with the dogs, is that 'dog spooning'?


How wonderful that the Ancient Wonder Beagle's camellia bloomed for you today. That, and the back-to-back (I assume) pup cuddling made me smile.

Like Annie, I hope that all of your buds turn into beautiful flowers. And I also hope that we all remember to look for flowers all around.


Ah, the camellias. I'm happy to see them blooming in your garden on this winter's day, Pam.


Carol: That's right - you northerners are perhaps surrounded by camellias after all!

Kylee: Perhaps you should try one, take a look at this link: http://exploraculture.blogspot.com/2007/03/lost-camellias-of-new-england.html

Annie: Thank you - and hopefully there will posts (soon) about that camellia path. I do hope so.

MSS: I do believe that the ancient wonder beagle would have approved, thank you.

Layanee: Well, it's about as close to spooning as these guys have gotten - so I was happy!

Kim: Yep, those dogs. They make me smile too.

Pam/Digging: It's a nice season here, because of the camellias - I've definitely grown attached to them since I've lived in South Carolina.

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