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27 December 2007



Wild dog doesn't look so wild! She is quite a beauty isn't she!

I have to say that I felt much as you did on hearing the news of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. I think the world is in for a bumpier ride. Such hate is hard to imagine with tranquility surrounding many of us here in our homes. Sad indeed!


There are few things sweeter than a puppy so tired (and yet so eager) that she's falling asleep sitting up. That's such a great picture.

I hope that you get used to your new home (in the Airstream) soon. I'm guessing that the rest of your pack is probably going to help you settle in quite a bit.


Layanee, she is a sweetheart. But don't let that cute exterior fool you! She has been racing around the house for the past hour with a squeaky toy - and I think that she just leaped OVER the couch...

Kim, I feel like I have a million things to accomplish first, and I'm trying to take them one at a time and not get overwhelmed...but quite frankly, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I think the Airstream might be a relief. Odd, but a relief.

Cyndie  Planck

I ran into your doggie photo while surfing google images for pointers, I have 2, same disposition, but the most wonderful dogs! come check mine out, they are all over my blog:)

Kate Phillips

I LOVE that picture of the oak tree! That's the one that you took? Could I have permission to use that on my blog/website?

Kate Phillips


Kate, sure - you have my permission to use it (it is my photograph). It's a beautiful tree, isn't it? I'm glad that you like it!

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