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29 December 2007


John B.

You say "geothermal," and so on your list of questions, I kept looking for: "Hey: a geyser or volcano--just a small one . . . where do I get one of them?"

Sorry--I'm not helping. But, though Jefferson isn't your architect, one crucial similarity you have to him is that you've been intimately involved at every design stage of your house. You'd know more about your house only if you have an actual hand in the physical constructing of it. That's pretty cool.

The photos of the Barbour house and environs are quite nice.


Wow! A geyser-heated home. Now that sounds toasty!

Yeah, sometimes I think that it's a good thing that I'm so involved, and then sometimes (like right now) I think I'm nuts and should get build a house and get on with it.

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