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30 December 2007


John B.

Just as I always suspected: women microbiologists are high-maintenance, seeking to accessorize themselves out the wazoo.

On another note: It's interesting that that passage noting the confluence of E. coli and Ulysses didn't note that in chapter 4 of that novel Leopold Bloom goes into an outhouse, magazine in hand . . . and the narrator takes us right in there with him for the entirety of Bloom's morning bowel movement, up to and including Bloom's using a page from the magazine to wipe himself with. That was one (of many) scenes that got that novel into considerable trouble back in the day.


Indeed. I would have to agree that a 1M gift certificate as a Christmas gift is a bit pricey...and yep, I have a list of much-desired accessories, and none of them sparkle (in the traditional sense!).

Great addition re: Bloom's bowel moment. That was new to me, so thanks.


Around here, we call them "Intellectual Movements".


Heyman aka maker of eclairs, how right you are.

(When I saw this, and remembered that prior comment, I just had to laugh. The joy of being ten, right?)

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