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07 December 2007


John B.

I liked a lot of what I saw at his site, in particular the Dia de los muertos pieces and the Sullivan Island lighthouse piece (the one that's sold, of course).

Your Art Walk sounds like Wichita's Final Friday, which is to say: it sounds like a good time.


I saw your post on the Wichita art walk, and it does sound similar. I think downtown Charleston has a formal 'french quarter' art walk about four times a year. They're always fun, but I find myself standing in front of one gallery (primarily my friend's gallery), talking to a few people - and then I realize the time and that I didn't really 'walk' all that much. I always run into folks that I haven't seen for ahile, and that's fun.

Chuck Keppler is a really nice guy. And if there is something you're interested in, he takes requests for pieces and I think makes more than one of things (since they are often based on photographic images). I purchased one small one (for me) and then another small one for my brother for Christmas (they were both of buildings on King St in downtown Charleston). I think that he ended up selling quite a few pieces last night - I was happy for him.


I hope the walk was enriching and calming. Interesting art work and I love your pixies. They are out there, I know they are!


Layanee, it was a wonderful evening, and as for pixies - I'm looking out for them (but weren't they hilarious?).

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