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17 December 2007



Those flowers look very bright and happy to me, thanks for posting them. 'We got nuthin' up here.' And that is wonderful news about your mother, great news!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens


First of all, what wonderful news about your mother!! I hope things continue to look up for her.

I'm blown away by your photos, and that you have all that in bloom! *zone envy* LOL. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!


YAY!!!! That's wonderful news all around.

And thank you for the lovely pictures of your flowers. What is that gorgeous rose in Dscn7300? I have a particular fondness for roses that age so beautifully.


Your posting does wonders for my 'monochromatic mood' and also reminds me to enjoy the white light of snow! The best and most uplifting part of your post was the news of your Mom! True joy!


"I miss the snow that you northerners have been getting and the light from the snow that is beyond beautiful...but would I be willing to trade it for months of Camellias? And roses in December? Perhaps once I would have said yes, but no longer. I am now a southern gardener."

Eloquently put, Pam. That's true for me too. Your blooms are gorgeous, and I think you have even more than I did. But even better than beautiful flowers is your mom's good news. I'm happy for you.


Great news about your mother- what a wonderful gift!

And just wanted to say that your pictures are so striking. I love that close-up view. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays.


Carol, thank you. And I'll try to help you guys up north during these tough winter months!

Lylee - thanks - I spent some time gardening in central Michigan, and while I miss some things (the winter squashes, lettuces all summer long) - I still feel beyond lucky during the winter season.

Kim, I'll try and see if I can find the tag (but I'm mostly packed up and I quite frankly don't know where anything is anymore) - I got it as a gift from my first doctoral student (after he graduated) and I know that he got it from the Antique Rose Emporium. It's wonderfully fragrant, a shrub - and the color is just the color of old velvet, I love it. I went on the ARE website and none of the 'red' rose names jumped out at me. If I remember, I'll pass the name on.

Layanee: Monochromatic, maybe - a wonderful collection of subtle shades - most definitely! Your garden still looks just beautiful.

Pam, thank you. I can't imagine being out of this zone now - like all of your roses, can you imagine not having roses bloom this late in December?

Bonnie - yes, a wonderful gift. Thank you.

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