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16 December 2007


John B.

Good lookin' dawg ya got there.

I guess you'll be callin' her "Hey You!"? Or does she have a name?


John, I'm a bit torn regarding her name. The rescue folks have been calling her 'Dani' for about a year - her namesake is a photographer of cats from the Netherlands (http://www.worldofdani.com/) that the main rescue woman has an e-friendship with. She responds to the name pretty well and I just don't feel like making her world anymore confusing, so I'm thinking that Dani she will remain!


Yeah! Congrats! She does look like a very sweet puppy. I'm sure Stanley is beside himself with joy to have a doggie sister.


She has settled in quite well has she! She looks like a Dani! Congrats on your new 'baby'. How is Stanley taking this?


She's beautiful and I know you and Stanley are delighted, and feel a bit more complete. One of my dogs (a lab who was a rescue) came with the name "Noodle;" it wasn't a name we would have ever picked but it was hers and it stayed.


Thanks Janet Lee - I honestly don't think that Stanley wanted to be an only dog, it was too much pressure. I think they'll do really well together (once this new one isn't a wild crazy thing).

Layanee - Like I said above, he is doing well - I think he is a bit relieved to have the 'only dog' pressure off. They look really sweet together - they're a wonderful collection of spots!

Nancy, thank you. Your 'Noodle' story is a funny one - and yes, it's looking like I'll stick with Dani. It'll be a fine name I think.


Hey Pam!

She looks to be right at home with you and your pack!!! She is beautiful:) The stanimal has got to be a happy dog!

Talk to you soon!


lol... they sure would be a wonderful collection of spots! What a nice-looking dog, and how lucky she is to have found such a great home. :)

She does kind of look like a Dani, although that's not really a name I'd have picked for a dog, myself. (And I didn't pick "Coco," for the record.) But you know how it goes anyway... most dogs end up with at least three or four nicknames to which they respond anyway, right? (Or is Coco the only dog of many names?! lol.)


She's sooo cute.
The tennis balls are in the mail..Hope they enjoy them.


Hi there,
Here a comment from the Dani from the Netherlands where your dog is named after. She's gorgeous! But I'm so curious who the woman is I have an e-friendship with? The one I expected didn't know this dog, so can you please tell me who gave me the honor to have such a beautiful dog named after me? :-)
Good luck with your new family member ;-)


Allison, Dani would just love balls!!!!

Dani: Welcome! First, the cat images on your site are just amazing, and second, I am not totally sure that I have the right Dani. I am pretty sure that the one at Dogs Hope in Midland, North Carolina mentioned a cat photographer by the name of Dani in the Netherlands - I'm not sure how much you two have communicated (or if you have at all) - her name is Judith (I don't know her last name). Is she familiar to you? If not, it is most likely my mistake. (And thank you - I think she is gorgeous too!). Thanks for saying hello.

anna maria

I missed this one! How could I?
A belated "Welcome to your forever home" to pretty Dani.
Looks like she made herself right at home..

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