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02 November 2007



Wow. Not THAT is a suit. The vision of his and Dolly is...scary (and even more so if they were both fully dressed).

Fulks' blurb makes me realize that I need my own personal 'give-a-shit-o-meter'. Brilliant.


I, too, want a 'give-a-shit-o-meter' now!

I KNOW that we watched the Grand Ole Opry when I was a kid. I distinctly remember Minnie Pearl and some crazy people who sprung up from behind a stack of straw bales to deliver quick jokes that probably went right over my head. But even with all of these pictures I just don't remember Porter Wagoner. Weird.

Ellis Hollow

Kim: You sure you aren't thinking of HeeHaw?


I think so, too, Kim. There were a lot of hay bales on Hee Haw. Wagoner is famous for MC-ing the Grand Ole Opry.


... hmm. So it isn't one in the same? (I'm young--in my memory it's one in the same, I swear! lol.)

I stand corrected. :)

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