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15 November 2007



OK, these are beautiful. I was going to tell you that my swamp jesamine finally bloomed, but that's pretty insignificant compared to this outpouring of floral enthusiasm.


It just occurred to me: When I die, I want to come back as your garden.


You have a nice touch with your brother's camera. Beautiful blooms.

Christopher C. NC

Very nice collection of goodies. I have such a long way to go before my own garden is so lush. There is no shortage of time thank goodness. It is this seasonal shortage that needs some adjusting to.

Annie in Austin

I'm so glad you could fit the blooms into your hectic schedule, Pam, and the way you have the photos arranged with the ID appearing when the cursor hovers is just great. But now I want one of everything - well, except for the plants we already have in common like Sweet olive, pineapple sage, mutabilis and November blooming iris!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Rick Anderson

Just thought it was interesting that I see all these great colors on the same day I post on seeing my 1st snowflake of the season.


All that in one garden in November, very beautiful. I agree, a nice fire is the best way to take the chill out of the air. Another good way is to look at pictures of gardens still blooming, like yours. I don't even think we got UP TO 40 yesterday.

Thanks for posting your blooms again. We northern gardeners are counting on the southen gardeners to carry us through the winter!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens


I think I saw some Encore azaleas in central Indiana yesterday, at least I think that is what they were. They were blooming I posted about them last night. But here you say you wish yours would stop blooming? Why so? If I could get them to grow in my garden I'd be so happy!


Daniel: I think we can arrange that (can't we?)

Thanks Pam/Digging - it was nice of my brother to loan me the camera, I was going into withdrawal!

Christopher C: The area around you was so beautiful in late summer - I can't even imagine how one would augment that (but I'm sure that you will) - I think that the nicest thing about this whole 'blog' thing is to see the plants surrounding people that live in such diverse regions - it's a treat, there's always something interesting. Good luck with the cold winds!

Annie: Thanks - but the labels are just something typepad does (well, if they are named right I guess) - that does work well - except for the ones like 'no idea what this one is' labels...yes, plant envy abounds on bloom day - it seems that everywhere I visit, I see something else that I might just need!

Rick: For some reason (perhaps a post awhile back on a gorgeous avenue of live oaks?) I thought that you lived south of me somewhere - not north or west! I hope you enjoyed the snowflakes - I still miss them sometimes, and on ocassion, we even get a few here along the coast.

Carol: They just bug me. In my head, I think 'azalea=spring' and they are just strange and awkward to me, blooming now. I am not a fan of the bright pink color (that's part of the problem - if it was something more subtle, I might be okay). Plus, my experience so far is that they don't bloom as fully in the spring OR fall, so you get blooms during different seasons, but a less interesting 'display' of them. At first, when I got the two that I have, I thought 'how great is this?!' but I just haven't warmed up to them. I'll have to go check your post - did you post a pic? Was the one that you saw covered with alot of blooms?

Bob from Daniel Island, SC

Wow! And I thought it would be a real struggle to find so much color as we head into winter. A far cry from my old digs in NJ. Thanks for the great shots!


Thanks Bob - the color is great, isn't it? Here it is, the first day of December, and much of it is still out there (the fall blooming salvias are still gorgeous) - and the camellias are just getting started. You'll love it down here if you're a gardener.

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