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10 November 2007



All very impressive......but surely you must have encountered some writhing ball of venomous snakes buried deep within the twisted mass of creepers, crawlers, and thorny bushes?


Ad, there just might be a coincidence (or not) that I decided to do this after a week when we got down in the upper 30s...my hope was that all of the snakes were down in the ground somewhere, keeping warm. I didn't see one. The birds did complain however - but I filled all of the feeders (the first time in awhile) so hopefully that appeased them.

anna maria

I'm having chainsaw envy!
I've always wanted one of those, but I do have to think twice before getting one because I am VERY accident prone. There are no sharp knives in my home, in fact.
The work you did reminds me of what we went through in September in Italy with out of control Wisteria and two kinds of ivy. We sure could have used a cordless chain saw then,,,


Anna Maria: Seriously, I love this little chainsaw. It's made it possible for me to do somethings that I didn't think I'd be able to do - I love that. Oh - and wisteria! I haven't gotten to that yet. I have a huge vine rambling up the porch on the northwest side of my place. It needs to come down too. This is...an ordeal!

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