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12 November 2007


Annie in Austin

Your 'Cotton Candy' is a beauty, and I liked that poem by Carol Snow - thank you, Pam. I'm thrilled to announce that my sasanqua has buds this year and so does the japonica, which is pretty darn good for an Austin garden.

The Low Country article by P.J. Gartin brought up the pronunciation question - which one do you use? Do you say ca-MEL-ya or ca-MEEL-ya?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Camellias are the loss I have felt most keenly in this move. Somehow the colder weather was almost OK because you had the flowers to look forward to. I miss them.


Annie: I think I remember you talking about your Camellias - and I'm happy to hear that they have buds! Congrats for sure. I can't remember - but were they in the ground, or in pots? You'll be the envy of the neighborhood this winter when they bloom! Oh, and I definitely say ca-MEEL-ya. Until I read that article, I hadn't even been aware of the other pronunciation.

Taylor: Yeah - when I moved south, I found camellias just amazing - I mean, different ones bloom from October through...April or so! How nice is that? I'll keep posting them, hopefully that will help you a bit! Stay warm.

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