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20 November 2007


Ellis Hollow

Trivia alert: Minnesota's state soil? Lester Loam -- a pseudonym I used to use like Ellis Hollow back in the early days of the Internets.

Hope you have a good holiday Pam. And I can think of no better way to decorate the guest bathroom than with a monolith. It will sure stir up some interst in soils. Or something.


You definitely need a soil monolith! That would be way cool. If it's epoxy, could it be outside? Maybe a long glass tube would be a better home for it, then. Hmm.

I liked the poems of Mr. Garcia... went through his site for a bit, and my initial favorite was "The Moon," although "Why I Left the Church" hits home with me, too.

(Seriously, Craig... "Lester Loam?" *grin*)


Oops... got so distracted by the above that I forgot to say: Happy Thanksgiving, Pam! :)

John B.

Lovely as always, Pam.

Blessings on you and your family, both the blood kin and the scientific ones.

anna maria

I hope you are enjoying the afterglow of another Thanksgiving spent with your family.


Ellis Hollow: Lester Loam! Hilarious. And yes, I too think a soil monolith would be a pleasant addition to any bathroom. I hope that you had a nice holiday (and long weekend) too.

Kim: I like Richard's poetry too - he holds poetry workshops here (he's the spouse of my lab's research specialist/technician) and his classes are supposed to be excellent. Now that I know him, whenever I read his poetry, it's like I can hear him reading it - he has a very distinct reading style. Oh - and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I hope that it was a good one.

Thanks John. I hope that your long weekend was a good one. My personal family was good (considering), but my scientific one was, hmmm, dynamic? I have a 30-week pregnant doctoral student in the hospital on bed rest, although it looks like the baby will come anyday - each day that it keeps, well, incubating - is a good one. I've been worried about her.

Anna Maria: Thank you - and I hope that you had a nice long and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend as well.

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