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04 September 2007


M Sinclair Stevens (Texas)

I watched that video awhile back and loved it. And then I forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me.


And how did the egg not break? Interesting video but I would have to watch it five times to absorb the info. Still fun though!

Annie in Austin

Understand it, Pam? Not so much, but enjoy it , oh yes. I enlarged the YouTube to fullscreen mode, turned up the sound, and just sat and let it make me feel all smiley and peaceful. 1971. What a different world.



MSS: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I find it pretty hilarious - and oddly accurate with respect to what they knew back in '71.

Layanee: I wondered that too - and then thought that maybe (?) something brought the egg there. I couldn't find a nest in the tree above the bird bath.

Annie: I'm with you, regardless of your understanding of protein expression, it's hard not to get in the spirit with that one!

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