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16 September 2007



Of the two albums that you show - which one do you think is best?


I was afraid someone would ask. Tcoloro has better sound, but Dundundamza has "No Me Llores Mas", which you can't live without.


So, then - you are saying one should get both? I figured as much....


Buy Dundunbamza first.


News. There's now a must-have collection for every Arsenio afficionado. It's a 6-CD set of everything he recorded for RCA Victor, between 1940 and 1956 (i.e. not including the American labels), with two booklets on Arsenio's band.

The best things about it are that the chronological order lets you hear exactly how the conjunto sound evolved, and the meticulous research on dates (by North Carolina's David Garcia) reveals that five of my favourites from Montueando were actually recorded on the same day!

BTW, one of the booklets talks about a song that Arsenio wrote and played but never recorded.

"Guaguanco en la Habana" was a tribute to his fans in the barrios, who helped finance his trip to the U.S. in 1947 (to try and restore his sight), and luckily for us, it *was* recorded in 1953 by Conjunto Modelo, a conjunto composed of many Arsenio graduates, including bassist Lazaro Prieto and singer Miguelito Cuni.

Better yet, that album is available from Absolute Distribution, who have the Tumbao catalog.

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