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29 August 2007



Love it. New Wet Kojak? I saw Guy Clark for the first time last winter, here in Charleston.

We did throw a party for those blooms, didn't we? It was hanging outside from an eave, over that brick patio with all of the grass coming up through the cracks. Funny that I still have that plant. I should send you cuttings.


Really? It's the Intracoastal?

Ellis Hollow

Wow. I thought marketing firms were supposed to work with you to shape your message. Not hand you a form and spit out a boilerplate website. Next time, call Hank. Bet he could help.

Hot Tuna and David Bromberg circa 1975 @SUNY Binghamton.


EH: Just so you know, this is a post from a friend of mine (who will start having contributing some music posts from time-to-time). Knowing this friend, he wanted to control his message I'm guessing - and it's probably the difference between hiring someone to build a website and hiring someone to really develop a marketing plan for a company. Oh, and I don't think that I really knew what Hank did, besides sail and work in his garden - learn something new everyday.


I'd love to see Guy Clark. He's one of those Texas singers who make you want to live there. And as far as the marketing company and the website go, of course I'm not sharing my company's site, because the Internets are a funny place, and you can't be too careful. Surfice it to say that I was real happy with the marketers did, regardless of how they might have felt about the mix tapes.

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