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26 July 2007


John B.

I recently heard/read somewhere (was it here?) that the Airstream is so iconic for Americans in part because of its resemblance to Conestoga wagons. I know this wasn't the case, but the Airstream looks as though Brancusi had reimagined the Conestoga.

All this leads me to wonder how a Conestoga Cocktail Shaker would have gone over had it been sitting on sutler shelves in Independence and St. Joseph back in the day.

Ellis Hollow

Oh yeah. Elly has those party lights. They're pretty cool. I forgot to mention when you were choosing flatware that she also has Airsteam plates. I think she passed on the Airstream panties, but I'm sure they sell those, too.


I have those lights as well ...scary, huh? :)


John B: I've read somewhere about the link to the Conestoga wagons - which is oddly not comforting when I think of living in one!

EH: Well, maybe you need to get her those panties as a gift sometime - say, when she's done with the renovating! The lights are hilarious - I might have to break down and get them. Plates? I haven't heard about plates yet!

Joan: I would have guessed!


shameless plug...but you might enjoy my trailer paintings. :)

have a good weekend.


Stephanie: I'm glad you stopped by with your shameless plug - fun, Airstream paintings - perfect!

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