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23 July 2007



Okay, Lifestyles rola...whatever that means but it is funky and modern and while I like that orange you know that orange stimulates the appetite and unless you are really skinny, you will eat too much! LOL and I guess you will HAVE to simplify. Maybe you could just eat out all the time and then you wouldn't need dishes or pans. Paper plates and a microwave could do it. How long will you be in the tin can?


Yay for letting us help pick out the plates! I like the first one- the square with the flowers. Pretty. And kitchy.


I vote for square Autumn Mist.


Quite a selection of plates Pam! I love them...but I most definitely vote for the 3rd set (green and blue circles). Just my opinion =) Good luck with everything! When will you be at Nana and Papa's again? I am trying to get off 3 days of work so I come down in August. I will talk to you soon!


ps, I had to leave my house to come see these!

Ellis Hollow

Which matches the refrigerator door? I think you need to go visit the Gallery of Regrettable Food for some recipes while you're cruisin' in the yacht.


So it's a 1972 Airstream, right? I think the Lifestyles Rola looks most like 1972. But I really like the Hot Dots.


Hey Everyone: So we've got a tie thus far: two for Autumn Mist and two for Lifestyles Rola. My brother still hasn't looked at them (too busy being a dentite) so I'm on hold. I'm leaning towards Autumn Mist, simply because my Airstream Interior Design Consultant, Jeff, gave me a sound reason for why they were best: subtle, simple, and they'll go with the decor. And (you guys didn't have the luxury of knowing this piece of information): they'll match the kitchen appliances. Now, that's HUGE - so EH, good question. And boy, that Gallery of Regrettable Food was great - the first thing I clicked on were jello molds. Maybe I need to write an Airstream Cookbook while I'm living in one?


Well if you are going for the whole 70 thing it must be the spearmint(#2) ones!!!! Very retro!!!! And my 2nd choice is # 5 the grey and white set, this one is a very modern hip version of the 70's look:) And Pam you are VERY hip and modern so I think this one is the choose for you!

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