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16 July 2007


Annie in Austin

My quarter-acre is generating plenty of bio-mass this summer and it dismays me somewhat, too. I must keep pruning and thinning just to keep some sun on the borders - there's been enough new growth on the old established trees and shrubs to put semi-shaded areas in deep shadow.

We've only redone one kitchen completely - back in 1983 - when the choices were less numerous and daunting. Those cabinets were cherry and I'd love to have them again.

Try to enjoy the luxury of having a choice, Pam!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


A truly gorgeous picture and, you are right, the spots are so very intriguing! As for appliances, go for the basic, simple, easy to use...well, that's my advice because you will want to be watching fireflies and mockingbirds and it really doesn't take more than a campfire and bucket to boil water!


Annie: I keep telling myself that this is a good thing (a very good thing) - and I'm trying to feel grateful that I'm able to have this experience - but...I like the big picture stuff, just not the details. Oh - and the cabinets that I've liked best so far are cherry - they just warm up a room in such a nice way.

The biomass is nuts - you guys are probably just crazy with all of the rain, we haven't had much rain and it's nuts. I'm just amazed at how fast my trees grow - like you said, areas that aren't shaded are now in deep shade. It's hard to keep up with those trees!

Layanee: I'm finding that I go a bit overboard at first, when I start to look at something new, and then I reign myself in (thank God). Hopefully the process won't last too much longer (even though, as I type this, I realize that I've only just started! Yikes).

John B.

This post embodies why I visit your blog daily: a great picture (it's almost like you're channeling O'Keeffe here), joined by little vignettes that are connected because you are living them . . . and the topper for this one is the observation of the mockingbird in fig season: analogous to you, of course, delighting in the plenitude of living that is your existence just now yet knowing you can't "eat" all you'd want to.

Sorry for gassing on so. It was just a real pleasure to read this.

The County Clerk

I'm with you. Those spots are a fascination.

Too many thoughts... but... Miele makes a bitchin' dishwasher.


I'm not a kitchen guy... but I love this dishwasher.


John: Thanks. It's nice to know that my ramblings are enjoyed!

Hank: Thanks for the website suggestion - I just took a look at it, and it's really quite useful. It'll help (and the Miele's look nice too).

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