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18 July 2007



Pam: I love airstreams although I can't say I have ever lived in one! Will you post a picture of your new home? The airstream that is! Just saw Harry Potter but not in 3D and I am with you on the wand although I would use it on the dementors which seem to be everywhere these days. I think the airstream might be like extended camping...in a somewhat comfortable setting. Another adventure and if you think of it as your cocoon then you will emerge a butterfly! What could be better than that!

John B.

Re the orchid: Have you seen Adaptation or, for that matter, read The Orchid Thief? The film, at least, shows ghost orchids.

As for watching your house be demolished: think Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Hoist a (full) martini glass to the wrecking crew.


Layanee: It's a bit daunting right now, as I go through the process of packing up my house and thinking about what I will take with me in the Airstream (which is more like what will FIT in the Airstream). Yes, it'll be like extended camping - and I'm sure that it will be something that I look back on and laugh..and laugh more...

John B.: I loved Adaptation - and also read The Orchid Thief. There was a scene in the movie, where Meryl Streep was having a dinner party and was listening to everyone at the table -- and she became overwhelmed by the trivialness of her/their lives - and (from my interpretation), the overall lack of passion in their existences. That scene has always stuck with me.

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