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27 July 2007


Christopher C NC

You garden around the Airstream. I garden around my construction entry.

My temporary power pole flunked inspection. It needs to be made more weather proof with "bushings" which neccesitates a semi-deconstruction, but it is pouring rain here, the rain that is supposed to be headed your way. Make sure you get a good temporary pole maker for your Airstream.

Ellis Hollow

You didn't forget the Erythronium. Great.


Hi Pam! Are you getting close to having a construction start date yet?


Christopher C: That is funny - we garden where we can (we're an adaptable bunch). I'm sorry about your temporary pole - hopefully it won't be too difficult to deconstruct. As for mine, I'm still waiting to finalize exactly where the house is going on the lots (waiting for final approvals on setbacks - there are two tidal area on the back and one side that are classified as 'sensitive') - after we mark off where the house will go, then I'll do with the utility pole. There is simply too much to do!

Oh - some of the rain made it our way, but at my place I just received about a half inch on Saturday, no rain yesterday. I was hoping for more - we're still so dry.

EH: Nope, I didn't forget. I'm curious how it will do.

Pat: No - there's awhole list of things that need to get done first, but I'm slowly making it through the list (in between work and traveling to visit my mom) - I'd love for it to get started within the next month, but we'll see (there's also demolition of my current place to deal with).

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