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04 June 2007



That blue is delicious! I can't really grow the lacecaps and Nikko Blue is not flower bud hardy here but there are the new Endless Summers which do bloom on new wood and have made me happy! No flowers yet though. I love those Farfugiums but alas, not hardy. I can grow European ginger, Asarum europaeum though and that is one satisfying ground cover! Looks like that last little plant but rounder leaves.

John B.

I am simple, I suppose. I don't follow all the plant talk, but I do get the pictures. thank you for that blue, in particular.


That's a captivating, arresting blue and it fairly jumps off the screen at us. We're not so sure about "Nikko Blue", but to us it looks more like, well, Windveil Blue.

As to stress, we try to let it go, but when we can't we like to see it getting smaller in the rearview mirror. Solving problems and tolerating stress are different things. We can outrun stress faster than passing a minivan full of bricks. Stress will kill you and be damned slow about it. We don't want to croak while standing in line in a Walmart trying to save ten cents on an antacid. We'd prefer to be hit by a meteor while cresting the highest peak along the Blue Ridge Parkway where the last thing we saw was a field of these beautiful blue flowers.


That's a gorgeous blue hydrangea. Makes me wish I could grow one. I always loved the blue over the pink.


Pam, that is so beautiful. For some reason I have never had one but always admire them.


Layanee: I'm not familiar with european ginger, I'll have to look that one up - it sounds interesting!

John B.: Hmmm...I'm guessing no one has ever referred to you as simple! I'm glad that you enjoyed the blue.

Windviel: It's gotten the best of me of late. Sometimes we think we're handling it, when perhaps we aren't at all - learning that difference is key I think.

Pam: Are the soils too alkaline their for you guys to grow some of the hydrangeas well? I hadn't noticed, but you guys don't show pics of them over there in Austin.

Joan: Thanks. This hydrangeas roots like a breeze, so let me know if you want one.


Yeah, they just don't grow well in our alkaline, dry soil. Maybe if you watered them all the time . . . I do see a few here and there in Austin, but nothing like back east.

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