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20 May 2007



Beautiful boats. You must have spent a lovely day on the seawall.


Wow, that's beautiful. We went to see the ships up close earlier in the day.

Mike Burleson

These were the photos I wish I took! Under full sail! Well done.


Thanks Pam, we did - most in the early evening, just before the sun was setting. They ships were truly spectacular.

Vera, I had hoped to make it during the day, and to take a few tours - but I didn't. Were you able to go inside of a few of them? I did a few years back.

Thanks Mike. You have some nice ones as well. I only wish I could have hopped aboard.


We got to go on all of the small ships except the Spirit of Bermuda because of the tide. I really enjoyed seeing the Spirit of South Carolina.

The only large ship we got on the the Indian ship; the lines for the others were just too long, and it was getting too hot.

Still, it was fun, and although I'm not much of a seafaring lass, I like the tall ships.


Vera: I heard that the Indian ship was really interesting - that was one I would have enjoyed boarding for sure.

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