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27 May 2007



I've seen at least one documentary on Pearl and his gardens. It is nice to know he is the "real deal".


Isn't it grand! I went there last year but I wasn't lucky enough to see him in action.


He sounds like a man who's having fun out there. Topiaries are not generally my cup of tea, but when it's taken to that extreme, it's actually weirdly cool.


What beautiful work. When is this documentary coming to Charleston again?


What a special person with a special garden. If I am ever in that area, I will look him up. You have to admire passion!


Carol: I think there have been a few pieces done about him already - but I never saw them. This one was really quite nice (and the link has a two-minute trailer I believe) - and I would love it if he got more national coverage.

Joan: It was great - he was just standing there by the road, getting ready to plant some flowers. Just like everyone had said, he loved talking about his garden. I can't imagine having people walking around my yard all of the time (but then I don't think I have to worry about that anytime soon!).

Pam: I've never been a topiary fan either (okay, let's face it - I've never been all that fond of pruning anything, much less something into an identifiable shape!) - but his place is just so 'out there' that it's hard not to just fall for it. This guy had no training, it really is amazing how he shaped things - the large squarish trip with the rounder object on top is a live oak. I couldn't believe it. He has a dogwood tree shaped like a ball. It's craziness.

Vera: I don't know. I'd keep checking in on the website for the documentary (I think I provided the link - it's called "A Man Named Pearl." I think you'd love it.

Layanee: It would be worth it. And I so agree - the passion he has for that place is just over-the-top. And he makes you feel like anything is possible.

Christopher C in Hawaii

I think garden bloggers are doing a good job of getting him much more attention. This is like the third post I have seen on him in the last year, but the first personal visit from a blogger. Very nice.


Christopher C: I think it's great that folks outside of South Carolina know about him - like I said in my post, it was my first visit - and his place exceeded my expectations. I left his garden inspired, truly. Once you move back to this coast - perhaps you'll be able to visit as well. His passion is contagious.

Ryan Jansens

I don't know how many foreign visitors are coming here, but I'm certainly going there this summer. I'm from The Netherlands and found this place through roadsideamerica.com

LaVonne L Fryar by marriage

Hello Pearl,

Saw you on Tv Thursday morning and was inspired by the work you do very nicely done. You might not remember me but I am your brother's daughter in-law. I married Sam Fryar son John from Faison, N.C. and I understand you are Uncle Rufus son from Faison, NC. How nice to turn TV on and see someone you can identify with. Your work is awesome and I enjoyed looking at the different shapes you have made out of your shrubs, if I am ever in South Carolina again I will take the time to visit your garden.

As every,
LaVonne Fryar
Baltimore, Md.

Robin Cox

Just saw you on t.v. this a.m. with Richard Green. Was very impressed. I was going to talk to my Yard Man to see about cutting a large wax myrle down that is blocking a beautiful view of the Creek at our beach house in Garden City Beach, SC. Now I am thinking about just cutting it back in a shape which would be as beautiful as the view. how could I get one of those "3 minute lessons" like you did many years ago? I don't even know how to use a hedge trimmer. I guess that is what you would use. Otherwise, it will have to be removed with a chainsaw. What a waste!


pearl is amazing. i must make a trip once i map it out im there. i just watched a show about you on hgtv


What an inspiration this man is. The documentary is something to see if you can't BE THERE.


I taped the show "A Man Named Pearl" and was brought to tears! What a wonderful man Pearl is! This man is an inspiration in my eyes. He does wonderful things for the children that come to see the work that he does. I hope that someday we can go see it in person!
God Bless you Pearl! And..what a wonderful wife he has. Couples out there could learn from these two on how to have a GREAT marriage!

Linda Anderson / West Chicago, Illinois

I just watched "A Man Named Pearl" and found Mr. Fryar simply awe inspiring. Not only is his garden the most beautiful topiary garden but it is Mr. Pearl's character that left the biggest impression with me. He is a man of faith, compassion, kindness and love. His marriage to his lovely wife is inspiring, his hard work and determination is extremely obvious and this gentleman seems like the "real deal". I found him to be a facsinating man. I applaude Mr. Pearl for his talent but mostly for his huge kind heart. I think he could be an example to us all on how to conduct our lives....full of passion, kindness, love and truth. God Bless Mr. Pearl and his lovely wife. I hope I can visit you and your garden someday.


What a cool guy, gifted artist and inspiration. I also liked the way this program was done.


Amazing! Pearl has a gift and it's nice to see he's sharing it.


I saw A Man Named Pearl on HGTV today, 4/3/09. Wow! I did not know that someone so talented existed. His work is absolutely beautiful and even more so because he is self taught. I'm inspired to do some landscaping and maybe I'll even attempt to turn the overgrown bush in my yard into a topiary.


I too saw A Man Named Pearl on HGTV today, 4/3/09. I was amazed to see such an inspirational program, original format, on HGTV. What a story indeed! The passion and love that Mr. Frye has put into his work is the passion and love that is an integral part of who he is. His love for others; his love for doing something with purpose. His wife is lovely. She's a woman who actually knows how to love her man; she leaves him alone to do what he loves. That garden is a love fest for him. I was amazed to learn that Mr. Frye would come home after working a 12 hour shift and work in his garden till the wee hours. That goes to show you that when you're doing what you love, you're never too tired to do it! I applaud HGTV for showing the story. I thought it was very well done. I loved it! It looks like Mr. Frye's gardening is keeping him fit as a fiddle. He looks healthy. I was surprised to see no eyeglasses, and he moves with the agility of someone younger than 68. I loved the program. Thanks so much for A Man Named Pearl.

Sandra Esche

Pearl, I saw the documentary. I thought of my students at North Elementary School in Poseyville, and of one boy in particular. I let him watch one of your video's on trimming and using a reciprocating blade. You said you prefer a gas trimmer. I told him about you and how this started as a hobby using plants that were being thrown out, but that you got permission to rummage through them and make selections at no charge. Wow! Pearl, you are an amazing man who has inspired me and my students to realize we should do something we love and we should share peace and love with others.
Sandra Esche, author of Sh! I've Got Something to Tell You- a picture book

James Horne

Hi everyone, I myself saw a " A Man Named Pearl", and was astonished. I caught the documentary on HGTV about, two weeks ago and, havent been able to get it out of my mind. Just last weekend I went out and purchased small trees and strategically, planted them in my yard with much excitement. Thank you Mr. Fryar, I hope I have the honor of meeting you one day, you are an inspiration. I was touched by the documentary I saw of your beautiful workmanship. Keep up the good work! GOD BLESS

Jean Grosser

For more information about Pearl Fryar go to his website at http//www.pearlfryar.com

Cynthia Carter


As a developing writer, I visited Pearl's garden this weekend and the magic in the garden was the positive force needed to launch the next chapter of my book.

A beautiful and serene place to observe nature at it's best.

Jolie Driggers

My Name is Jolie Driggers, And I Work For the Chamber of Commerce in Bishopville, and WOW At the calls we get about Mr. Pearl. I was going through and reading all of your wonderful comments about him and not only does it make me proud to see this man everyday and live my life on the same streets as he does, but I wanted to add in there what kind of man Mr. Pearl is. You would think after so much publicity and "fame" he gets just by waking up in the morning and "Cuttin Bushes"(So he calls it), He would have some what of an ego... Well.. He Does (HaHa) but not the kind as I would have or Most other people I know Would. He is one of the Most Down-To-Earth People you would ever meet, and He Comes into The Chamber just to Stay Clear of Some of the Craziness in his Everyday life.You will NOT See Him without his Carolina Gamecocks hat on, Well other than Going To Church or A Special Event (Mostly In His Honor). He Loves Everyone That See's His work for what it is (Beautiful). Now To Add, If Ever Anyone Would Like To Visit Mr. Pearls Garden or Find out More About Him And His Work. Just Give us a Call Here At The Lee County Chamber and Mrs.Pam Or Myself (Jolie) Can Assist you in ANY Way Possible... I Hope you Continue to Enjoy his Work and Hopefully Each of you will have the Enormous Pleasure of Shaking hands with this Special man one day soon.


Hi Jolie, and thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I also think that everybody needs to stop by his garden - it's an uplifting, unique experience. You guys are fortunate to have him in your county!


I just saw this documentary on HGTV and decided to google 'Pearl Fryar' and came up with this site among others. I truly admire his passion for gardening. It's amazing what he's done with those trees. I truly hope I can some day go and see this marvel in person.


I recently saw "A Man Named Pearl" on HGTV. I watch HGTV a lot and this was the first time that I saw this documentary. It was wonderful! I was really impressed with this man that did all of the designs without first drawing them out and no previous training. He's a visionary. Since I've just recently relocated to South Carolina, I've been checking out all of the wonderful and historic towns. I've put Bishopville on my list of places to visit.


What an inspiration. Glad you got to visit his garden, hope I get to make it there someday too!

Elizabeth Mueller

So cute...and magnificent...and sweet. His message is felt, loud and clear: Love. Peace. Goodwill. -- but also, believe in yourself and others. I carry this in my heart--your garden, Pearl, helps me remember.


Clifton Napoleon

The love story of Pearl & Metra is worth a movie, even if he had never rescued the first throwaway bush. Old-fashioned people with pure hearts, they make me happy to be a human on the same planet with them.

Louise Jackson

After viewing the documentary on Mr Fryar in the Spring, I mapped out his home from our North Carolina vacation rental that we were planning for August. It was well worth the two hour one way trip! The gardens were spectacular and much more that I expected. My only disappointment was that we were not able to personally express to Mr. Fryar our sincere appreciation of his work.

I am a teacher and I am planning a lesson for my students using Mr. Fryar as an inspiration to find a passion in life and to share that passion with others. He is such a role model and motivational person. I want my students to understand that they can achieve their dreams, even if others try to dissuade them.


I just saw the movie, 'A man named Pearl'. I am actually from Bishopville (MD), and it is very rural like the one in SC, so much so that I swear I saw my grandparents in church with Pearl. Our new manager showed the movie at work during a program meeting. It really touched my heart. I work for a state Agency, and he wanted us to be inspired and have hope despite all of the woes we face daily especially with an ever increasing list of jobs to do, with an ever shrinking staff and budget, that one person can make a huge difference. Like attracts like, and good deeds, hard work and positive thinking will lead to more of the same. Pearl is a great man, who just like the truly great ones does it by being himself (without losing himself).

Milton A. Chamberlain

I meet Pearl today in Lorton, Virginia and watch his DVD Last night and what a true gentleman and a person who you can talk to and his wife is just a great, Remember, Behind every man who accomplishes something like Pearl is doing their is a woman helping him along..


i had the pleasure of meeting Mr Frye on saturday aug22 what a wonderful man! I'm having my wedding there on october 10th 2010. Mr. fyre couldn't beleive that I would come all the way from denver to have my wedding. I can't wait.


Priscilla, that is great - and congratulations! I can't imagine a more inspirational place to have a wedding. If you can, send me a photo - I'd love to see it. Best wishes, Pam

Olivia Jacson Evans

My husband & I just ventured down and over to Mr. Fryar's amazing topiary garden and we were blown away. We had previously streamed the documentary, "A Man Named Pearl," via Netflix, and decided to drive over to Bishopville on our next trip through South Carolina. For years we have enjoyed many compliments on our yard & gardens, and we "thought" that we knew a little bit about plants and organizing the grounds from season to season. But we were utterly blown away by Mr. Fryar's ability to see a plant and project years into the the future his vision of how that plant would look, and how it would blend with amongst the numerous species of plants surrounding it. We were honored to also have an opportunity to chat with him and enjoy and benefit from his wit and wisdom. If you plan to make the journey, you must first view his documentary. If you can't view it through Netflix, you can find it at Amazon, or go to Mr. Fryar's website and purchase an autographed copy from his scholarship foundation. He is a true artist and humanitarian.


After seeing the documentary "A Man Named Pearl" I made made the long drive from Charleston to Bishopville to visit his marvelous creations. Luckily, Pearl was there and I was fortunate enough to spend an hour and a half speaking to him.
Indeed, Pearl Fryar is the "real thing".
A genuine beautiful gifted creative human being with vision. There is nothing proud or boastful about Pearl yet he has this powerful life force that shines through him and his creations.


Patrick, thanks for your comment - isn't his place wonderful? And I agree with the vision thing - when I was visiting, he was explaining how he 'sees' the tree or shrub at the end, and then works towards getting there - he's a savant, truly. And I so agree - he has a powerful presence. A remarkable man!

Grette Spadoni

This proves that creativity will make a place that is pretty much similar to another, look really different. Pearl Fryar's work really is amazing! Oh, how I love seeing the real deal, thanks to those pics you've shared towards the end of this post!

Erika Boone

Just saw the document. Mr Fryar is truly a God given talent, his work is so amazing. My family and I were so moved by his works, that we are actually planning a trip to Bishopville. We all agreed that we must see his talents in person. I can't wait to go there!

Lisa Smallwood

WOW, My Husband and I just watched this amazing man with all this talent with trees, I was heart felt after!!! Thank You, Mr. Pearl Fryer, Reinaldo and LISA ALMODOVAR,and Thank You OPRAH
for airing the show!!! WE Hope to virist with you soon.........Oct 30 2011

Linda and Ron Prowell Charleston,S.C.

I too saw the talent of Mr. Pearl Fryer today on OWN...Had read about him years ago..We now live in Charleston and are planning a trip to see this amazing talented man and his gifted work..What a wonderful show that was this morning..Enjoyed it immensely..Thank you Mr. Fryer for sharing your talent and yourself with mankind...Oct.30,2011

Nancy Bardwell

Enjoyed the show !!! Thanks Oprah !!!! It's wonderful to see a person share their gift with the world!!!!May GOD bless Mr Fryer, his wife and son!!!!


I went to see the garden today! It was very beautiful!

LP-- Waldorf, MD

Just saw the documentary on the Own network. Mr. Pearl is definitely talented and a visionary. Unbelievable!!!

Liz Hayes

I just saw the documentary on the Own Network. I was blown away at this fantastic, talented,gifted and loving man. What he has done with plants and tress is simply awesome. May God continue to bless Mr. Fryar and his lovely wife and son. I was deeply impressed. I taped it and I have been watching it over and over.

Pauline caldwell

I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Fryar's beautiful Topiary Garden last year during a tour with several others. This February, I am presenting some of his works along with a few awesome pictures to my church family. It was greatly inspiring to walk around and take pictures of the trees, shrubbery, and flowers. It was a great privilige and honor to meet Mr. Fryar. He made us feel right at home. An experience I will always remember and cherish. Thank you Mr. Fryar for sharing a part of you with us and the world. Your hospitality and kindness is appreciated.

Dr. Kathleen Mccoy

Please send me info on this beautiful place,including a map and houyrs/days we can visit.


your work is remarkable keey up the good work


I Love to work in my yard. You are an inspiration to gardners and horticulture gurus all over the world. God Bless you, your family and your works. Your works and talents will always place a smile on any face any day.

Demetria Good

Bless your heart and your hands...What a beautiful creation, I watched the documentary on OWN and thought what a peaceful and beautiful place to be. God has truley blessed you in a mighty way. Let's not forget Mrs. Fryar for being so patient with your hobbie. I beleive God is saying well done my faithful servant, well done! Demetria

sharon lavertue

I just watched the documentary and I must say the passion involved to do this type of work is truly a gift. I love to garden and know that there is true love in what he does! i wish I lived close enough to go see his specacular work. One day I hopefully will get a chance to see it. God Bless you and keep you healthy for many more years.


I still get chills just knowing that i was blessed to have my wedding at this special garden and that Mr Fyar allowed me too.
If your in bishopville please check this garden out amazing!!!!!

MrsDenver 2012
Priscilla Linginfelter

wyn harter



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