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29 May 2007



Good to see the painted bunting again. Patrick has been asking me if they've come back.


Damn! You beat me to it. Every time I grabbed the camera today the male bunting got spooked and flew away.


What a beautiful bird. You're so lucky to have a pair nest in your garden each year.


Vera: I think it came back a month or so ago - I mostly see the male now (the female might be staying with the nest). They came back alot later this year than last year, at first I thought that I wouldn't see them. I do think it's a different pair.

Mike: I think it's great that you are seeing them - do you see them almost daily at your feeder? If so, they are probably nesting, and that's great. You should become a PBOT. They really need folks to monitor these guys.

Pam: I think they're beautiful too. Have you seen the female? She's a gorgeous color - a solid mossy green. I want to paint a room in my house (or the outside of it actually) that color.


I've never seen that bird before! Your post reminded me of how our lives can be so diverse. From lab to garden you are hard at work observing but on such different scales. Very interesting.


Layanee: Not long after I moved to SC, I was standing on the deck of my place (it's on stilts) looking out at a live oak tree and I remember thinking that it looked covered in brightly lit Christmas balls - there were a flock of them migrating through - that had landed in that tree. It was the first time I had seen them, and I've never seen them like that before. It's been nice having a pair nest each year in my yard for awhile - it's a real treat seeing them on a regular basis. As to be observers, a friend from graduate school used to call us 'trained observers'. I'd like to think that is true!

Annie in Austin

Pam, it might have been a google search for painted buntings that brought me here last summer- and it's wonderful to see them return.



Annie, I'm glad they are back as well. They were much later in arriving this year, after coming so early last year. It's a treat to see them everyday.

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