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15 April 2007


The County Clerk

My goodness... just look at that.

Magnificent! Definately some kind of Cetacean. Remarkable.



Christopher C in Hawaii

I see a whale more than a dolphin. It lacks the pronounced snout of the dolphin. Perhaps because the tail is so short they went with dolphin and maybe other larkspurs have more of the dolphin beak.


CC and Christopher C: Yes, it's some kind of cetacean I think - and I agree that it might be one of the whales in the dolphin family - such as the pilot whale (when we think 'dolphin' alot of folks automatically think Flipper and bottlenose dolphins (with the pronounced snout) - but there's actually alot of diversity within the family). And then who knows which species was more abundant 'back then'.


I don't know much about whales or dolphins, but it looks like something related to them. I hope your winds have died down!


My first thought was that they looked like something fishy. My second thought was "bean sprouts". And it's not even lunchtime. :-)


Carol: We still have a gale warning posted, and the garden is a mess - everything has just gotten beaten up (it's like a tropical storm blew through).

Entangled: So, delphiniums would have to be called Fabaceae? :) Hope you get lunch soon!

Janice Dowdeswell

What a lovely photo of the 'dolphins'. I've linked to it from our delphinium history page as it definitely adds to the evidence for the source of the name delphinium. Thank you!


Hi Janice - I'm thrilled to be linked to a page on the history of delphiniums! Thanks for stopping by.

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