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15 April 2007


The County Clerk

I have to admit that I've heard all this airstream talk for some time and have viewed them as curiousities that I had no interest in every owning. But now that my marriage has crumbled and I've been "allowed" to get a big-bad-ass-ridiculous-truck (horses and boats) instead of a little Euro sedan (I allowed myself), the airstream thing has some real appeal. I want one of these small ones with a fireplace or stove or something.

Yep... and I think I'm gonna start looking for one. Very interesting.


I need a big-bad-ass truck to haul my Airstream because unfortunately, my medium-bad-ass SUV can pull the boat, but the Airstream is out of it's weight limit. Ugh. Go for the Bambi. As for mine, I'm gonna put one of those outdoor (round, flat) fireplaces outside the front door - where I can sit and drink drinks and ponder.


That highly polished 1963 Airstream Bambi is an excellent inclusion into the MOMA collection. It is artful in design and a strong symbol of American's desire to take a home on the roam. The Airstream seems to have been a good will American ambassador abroad as well. It holds a very special place in our heart.


Windviel: Perhaps the mustang should be acquired by MoMA? Just a thought...

Rich C

Just found a link to your site from Rosie's Airstream site. Looks like I have more reading to do now!

My "big bad ass truck"..... An 04' Nissan Titan. Happily pulls my 25 foot Safari around, although I've been in the same spot for 2 months. Nothing like finding a place you like!


Rich C: Welcome! I'm sure that I won't be even nearly as informative as Rosie's site - since I'm new to the Airstream world (and am having quite a bit of work done to mine out of necessity and a lack of time). I have so much to learn!

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