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26 April 2007



WOW! Now that, is blue!


Layanee: That's what I thought too - I didn't do any post-image doctoring - but just took it up close (so it's out of focus). I just loved the color.

Christopher C in Hawaii

Getting fancy and artsy there. I love it.


Christopher C: Thanks. Have you ever seen the site Macro Art in Nature? It's by a guy whose from Columbia, SC - and his stuff is great (but then to come even close to what he gets, I have a feeling that I'd have to read my camera's manual...). His link is on my side bar under 'Life'. Oh - saw your comment over at Garden Rant about 'Garden & Guns'. I'll have to see what I can dig up from folks here about the place - I've heard about it for years, supposedly the place was a blast.

Christopher C in Hawaii

I just went to the Macro Art in Nature site. Very nice. A very different look and feel to his work too. The more I do this the more I want to get a camera that I will really have to read the manual.


Christopher C: His work is really nice - and he's also amazingly generous with instructions on how to get it to happen (which also requires one to read their manual. Damn. That seems to be an overriding theme).

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