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15 April 2007



Inconspicuous, my eye! I had no idea that fuzzy stuff all over my car was flowers. Thanks for enlightening me, Pam.

Stunningly blue, those larkspur blossoms. Beautiful.


Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. At least you got some rain today, right? I can't believe how much is blooming in your garden and some of the other southern gardens. I am curious what it will be like for you in the middle of summer, if the heat drives away the flowers.

Annie in Austin

We're having similar weather -that wind was the reason my hand showed up in a couple of my photos, Pam - it was so fierce that was the only way to hold the stems still. Oak and Pecan flowers produce blocked up heads here, too. I'll have to send my son to see the Gladii.

You managed to get some very nice photos in spite of the wind - and to thrill Hank with your 'dolphin-ium. Happy Bloom Day!



Pat: It's just nuts - it's like we got a snowfall.

Carol: The DISGUSTING thing is that we got very little rain - the heavy rain was a bit further inland, and right along the coast we only got between .25 and .5 inches - and with the wind - that is just nothing! As soon as it heats back up, we're in trouble if we don't get rain soon. And yes - come late July and August, our southern gardens will be suffering...but then September comes, and our second 'summer' season!

Annie: Happy Bloom Day to you too! I think the whole south was wind-blown this weekend.

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