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28 April 2007



Ooohhh...wooden sailboat? My boyfriend is looking HARD for a wooden sailboat. What kind do you have? What size? How's maitenence? Can I pick your brain about it?


Stanley sounds like a good dog and a great friend. Listen to his advice. It all sounds very sensible.


Great picture of a wise dog. You'd best listen up!

anna maria

It's my first time here (I came by way of Hank's place at The County Clerk), and I must say it sure is nice to be greeted by a lovely dog on one's first visit!
Loved your blooming roses, definitely worth staying home for.


Taylor: It was made by a guy who lived in West Ashley - he had taken 7 years to make her when he lived in Annapolis and was with the Navy. It was luck that I heard about her - and the owner/builder wanted her to go to someone who really wanted (and understood) wooden boats, and since I had crewed on wooden boats for several years, he and I hit it off right away. She's mostly mahogany (with an oak bowsprit), 21', her hull is fiberglassed over marine (mahogany) plywood and is painted green. And yes - they are alot of work. Take a look here:

Pam: Yes, I think Stanley is a wise dog for sure. He is a constant reminder to chill!

Joan: I think that your one-eyed cat and Stanley would be great friends.

Anna Maria: Welcome! Stanley is a much more polite 'virtual' greeter than in real life, where he'd jump on you when you first come through the gate (we're still struggling with that one). After he'd jump on you, however, he'd immediately roll over and let you rub his belly.

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