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25 April 2007



Sounds like a fine reason to miss work to me. Wish someone would hurry up and invent the internet smell button...


What beautiful roses.

This should be an offical holiday!


That does sound like a worthy holiday. We have the same conditions as you, it seems: gorgeous spring with lots of roses, but we really need some rain to pull us out of a long-term drought. Here's to rain dances!


Marie: I've thought that too - boy, can you imagine scratch-n-sniff blogs? (Hmmm...that almost sounds creepy).

Vera and Pam: Please feel totally free to celebrate this holiday with me!


That would be a good holiday, I'm all for it.


Since my roses won't be in bloom for a month or more, I am going to celebrate with you (a day off) and then you can celebrate when mine are in bloom! We could stagger this celebration over a couple of months! Yeah!


Carol and Layanee: Please join in. I wouldn't want to keep this new holiday to myself.

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas)

Sounds like a great idea. The last two weeks have been fantastic not only for my roses but for roses all over Austin. We've had unusually lovely weather this April with a lot of rain at the beginning of the month and temperatures only in the 70s the last two weeks. We're about to kick into normal early summer weather now but it was a lovely ride while it lasted.


MSS: My roses have been wonderful too this season - I'm in the process of moving several of them to sunnier locations (a few trees grew much faster than I anticipated!) but I'm waiting until their first flush of blooms slows down. There are about 30 antique roses in my side yard (the sunny side) and sometimes I just sit inside of all of them, in the early spring, simply amazed at their fragrance. I hope that you are able to continue enjoying yours for awhile yet.

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