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15 March 2007



Wow, there is a a big difference between zone 5b and zone8b. So many flowers, it must be fun to be out in your garden these days. Thanks for participating again!

Annie in Austin

Oh, Pam - you don't just have blooms, you have wonderful shrubs and trees that will look good all year. You're doing much better with the Texas Mountain Laurel than I am so far - no fair!

Do you think your succulent could be a Bryophyllum?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


I think I saw the first succulent at Home Depot on Saturday but I can't remember what it was called. It looks like hens and chickens to me.

Your property must be so pretty right now!


Carol: It's my pleasure. I think it's a great idea - and it's fun looking back, and seeing how much different a month makes in my own garden - and in the gardens of others!

Annie: It's not Mother of Thousands, but I think it's this one (which is in the same family - good website by the way!):


The Texas Mountain Laurel does great here - and I'm just really surprised that no one here grows it. I'm really hoping that my friends that are propagating from my plant's seed - well, I hope the seedlings do well and folks start planting it in Charleston gardens. It would be perfect for smaller gardens downtown.

Pat: Well, everything would look really nice if it wasn't coated with a thick layer of live oak leaves! The rains today were nice - at least it rinsed off the layer of yellow pollen covering everything...but yes, spring in Charleston is really beautiful, isn't it?


I love your photos ... we were in Charleston last May and I just loved all the gardens we saw.


Thanks Rosie. It's a great place to garden - there are definitely year round opportunities! Come back and visit again.

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