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25 February 2007



Snakes? snakes? In all my years of gardening, so far, I've never encountered a snake. Thank goodness!


I unwittingly pulled a full-grown snake from under my couch back when we first moved here. The carpet guys later said it was a copperhead. Eeeeewwwww! Scared the stuff out of me. The kids still laugh about me running half-dressed up the stairs, shrieking my lungs out. So my advice is, Pam, keep that hoe close by when you're gardening!


A former co-worker (who, by the way, is also the mother of an active local blogger) from Summerville had an uncanny talent for getting struck by poisonous snakes in her back yard/garden. I think she got bitten twice.

Copperheads are live-born snakes. I don't know if there's a fertility cycle for them, but they're so small at birth (three to four inches) that you can just grind them under your boot. Adult copperheads don't so much get long as they get fat. And I'm guessing you've got some young ones and they're liking the warmth of your beds as a wintering spot, what with the happy little microbes in the organic matter churning out heat.

If memory serves, copperheads are not roaming snakes. I always thought they were the most dangerous, since they give no warning and they blend in so much. I've come close to stepping on them, grabbing them, etc., multiple times (I once lifted a cinderblock off a pile and a copperhead fell out of the hole where he'd been sleeping). So as much as I hate to say this... hunt them down and kill them. Hoe or shovel. It's just not safe for your animals.


Carol: You are very (very) lucky!!!

Pat: That's a horrible (and scary) story! You're lucky that you didn't get a nasty bite - the copperheads in my neighborhood are pretty aggressive!


Daniel: I've heard the same thing - especially the part about them not roaming. Gives me the absolute creeps - they do blend in, and will chase you (I've been chased by them in my yard) - I try to live in harmony with everything in my yard, but I just don't think I can live in harmony with copperheads. Maybe I need to have a snake hunt.

Annie in Austin

The thought of copperheads churning out of the garden is pretty creepy, Pam! I hope your have a fast reaction time and good peripheral vision!
But I can't help be amused that you have all the snakes, while Carol is the one with the Hoe Collection.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Annie: Now there's a thought. Perhaps her hoe collection needs to be turned into a traveling exhibit, and I can be stop No.1!


A traveling hoe show! I'll have to give that some thought! Thanks for the idea.


Carol: Let me know if you need a curator!

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