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15 February 2007



Congratulations on submitting your grant proposal...I think you've earned that trip to Montana! Can't wait to hear that your proposal's been accepted.


Congrats...we've all been worried about you, while knowing that you would get it finished. The Agricoli love Montana, and think it the perfect place to reconnect, recharge, retreat, and refresh. By all means, go!

Annie in Austin

It's good to know you got the proposal done, but what amazing timing for that email! The events in life never do come evenly spaced like railroad ties, do they, they're usually bunched up like log jams. I hope you and your friend get some R & R time.



Pat, Ad, and Annie: Thanks - I think I need a few days to catch up sleep, and some time (even if it's chilly) to work in my garden and then sometime to read a good book that his nothing to do with the proteome of a microorganism. As for Montana - that's where my friend Bill lives - I think a trip out there to visit this summer is a must. And Annie, I agree - the timing of events is sometimes quite strange, and 'log jam' is a good descriptor.


Congratulations on finishing your grant proposal. I've heard Montana is beautiful in the summer, I hope you get to go.


Montana! Three words come to mind...
ps I know Airstream is one word, but it doesn't have the same umpff unless you separate them.


Heather: I've never been, and it'd be great to see Yellowstone while I'm out there. I hope I get to go to!

Jeff: Sweet indeed. Dreamy even.

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