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14 February 2007



I came here to leave you a link (www.giantmicrobes.com), but that's just a jaw-dropper poem.


Daniel, I thought it was too. It reads like music and the imagery is wonderful.

Thanks for the link, but I think it's one I posted back before the holiday's regarding all of your microbial holiday shopping...



That's a fantastic poem!


Thanks Vera - it's one that just sort of gets stuck in your head.


Did you know that Kwame Dawes will be at the Dock Street Theatre tomorrow evening for a reading?


I brought "Wisteria" because of your post. I love his work. Thanks so much, and I have to go see him.


Vera: Yes! I definitely hope to make it. Isn't it on the 31st? I'll have to doublecheck. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it - I don't have the book, but it's on my list (which is stupidly long). Maybe I'll see you on Thursday evening?

Billy Johns

can anyone please help me out by explaining the poem fully. I believe it it a beautiful poem but I just do not fully understand it. Thanks

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