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17 February 2007



Thank you for participating in the first bloom day! I hope the flowers survive the freeze. It is nice to see color in southern gardens, while we wait for the snow to melt in our northern gardens.

Annie in Austin

Who would have thought there could be such beauty in a collard leaf! And 'Jane' is quite different looking in this photo. I hope everything has recovered now.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Carol: I think most things just got slowed way down for the past two nights - and I generally don't mind spring coming a little more slowly - sometimes down here it feels like it all happens in a week, and I like the early stages of spring when you walk outside and notice all of the little things that are starting to happen.

Annie: I was enamored with frost yesterday morning - it was a heavy one, and everything looked gorgeous. The ground was crunchy - and my dog Stanley was running around like we had gotten a few inches of snow. He's such a snow-deprived southern dog! I think we have another cold night tonight, but then it's supposed to start warming up a little.

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