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02 January 2007


Annie in Austin

Now this is just unfair - my Texas star has been a wimpy performer, with few flowers and no seeds, and you get those lovely pods! Apparently I'm doing something wrong.

Ki in NJ blogged about the plums flowering already - guess the blueberries are another part of the odd weather pattern.

The Marine Life census report was very interesting - but the Olympic-style headers for the various findings were somewhat amusing: "hottest", "Deepest", "Farthest", "Oldest". Everything is a sport!

Happy New Year 2007 to you and the Wonder Beagle, Pam - hope the worms are permanently banished!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


So, I see you and Xarkers in about two weeks?


Annie: I'm not sure why your Texas Star isn't doing so well - mine was slow the first year, but is crazy now. I love their pods! I'm impressed that you went to look at the Marine Life census - beyond the amusing headlines is some really cool stuff. Happy New Year to you as well!

Coturnix: I'm thinking we might now make it - some conflicts. But we'll keep you posted.

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