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28 January 2007



Our dream is to eventually build a home utilizing solar energy, as well. I'm definitely saving your list for future reference.


Heather,now that dream can be realized with a new program that takes the cost factor out of the equation for Solar Power.
Solar Energy, The Momentum Has Started
Solar energy is the most abundant natural resource we have, and that technology has been around for awhile, but it wasn't practical from a financial perspective until now. When we can provide the average homeowner with the ability to produce their own electricity and keep the saving instead of paying for Commercials, Stadiums and other corporate greed we are making headway.
There is a solution! I recently learned of a company that has figured out how to get Clean, Safe, Affordable Solar Power to the masses, and they do it without requiring any significant investment on the part of the homeowner. This company is helping homeowners switch to solar the easy way through a rental agreement. The customer gets a worry free solar system custom designed for 100% of their current consumption of electricity & an electric rate that is frozen at or below today's rate for up to 25 years. Let’s do something, we can be part of the solution and not be part of the problem. This program is an easy way that you can have an impact on the environment and our pocket book. http://www.jointhesolution.com/4greenenergy


Cool plan! I think my parents are also considering this in their new house, so I will share your links with them. Thanks!


Heather: Hopefully, by the time you do it, it'll be normal (and easy) for people to incorporate active solar into their home designs. It's just crazy to not take advantage of some of this sun!

Antonio: I'll check out the link - the rental agreement idea sounds pretty interesting.

Nelumbo: I hope the links are useful - I'm still looking for more. It's a bit overwhelming at first!


If our house ever sells. (Can you tell I'm getting a bit burnt out on the situation? Another showing for a looky-loo last night.) We plan to start building two years down the road. We're trying to downsize drastically in the interim.


Heather: Everyone I know who has sold a home hated the whole process. Personally, I couldn't imagine keeping a place that clean - what a pain! Good luck.

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