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19 December 2006



I indeed will share some artistic secrets...
1. Open a bottle of wine.
2. Drink said bottle of wine.
3. Mix those babies like you're scrambling


jeff's got the right idea.
and no matter what comes out, call it "art"

Annie in Austin

Take out the white paint and keep the rest? On my screen the white looks weird on that paper, but I realize that it may be totally different in real life!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Annie: I think a problem is that the colors aren't coming across 'true' - the stock paper is much more of a muted (almost butter) yellow instead of that horrible flesh color. But I agree that only accents with the white (or not using it at all) is my best bet!

Jeff and Dr. Charles: Great advice - but won't it only work if the person receiving the card has been drinking a bottle of wine as well?

ps Jeff - I spoke with Pete yesterday. He thinks it's time that you and he take over the lab for an afternoon.

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